Treatment for adults seeking help and recovery for eating disorders or chemical dependency. Treatment emphasizes understanding active symptoms and their impact on functioning, developing new coping skills, letting go of destructive patterns, embracing self-nurturing skills, and (re)building positive relationships. **Referrals for teens available


Group therapy for women seeking help with overeating, emotional, or binge eating patterns. Acquire techniques to learn body signals for hunger and satiety, types of eating cycles, basic meal planning,  and how to troubleshoot problematic triggers that lead to overeating. This is a weight-neutral group and includes a book to help along the way.


Trauma-focused therapy designed to help adults move forward from painful, traumatic or abusive experiences.  Learn the link between unresolved trauma and present day concerns such as depression, anxiety, chemical or process addictions, hurtful relationships, codependency issues, and unwanted chaos. EMPOWER is primarily individual-based work with intensive workshops offered variously throughout the year.


Therapy for children and teens ages 8-17. Services include play therapy for younger children, school support, parent/child bonding, family therapy, peer and sibling relations, and coping with developmental pressures. Other areas addressed in therapy include depression, anxiety, self-esteem, assertiveness skills, stress management, safety, and healthy dating.


Seeking guidance together can improve navigating stressors such as parenting, career and finances, extended family pressures, internal struggles, affairs, life transitions, and feeling disconnected from one another. Marital and couples counseling can help strengthen partnerships, improve communication, ease tensions, heal wounds, promote bonding, and enhance intimacy.


Support for pregnant women, new mothers, and their partners can provide the extra care and attention needed during this time. Therapy provides support and education on the changes that occur during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. This includes treatment in cases of postpartum depression or anxiety, mother/baby bonding, coping with body and sleep changes, parenting techniques, single parenting, couples counseling, sexual health, miscarriage, and other areas.


Therapy for adults interested in learning more about their intrapersonal, relationship, and/or behavioral patterns. Therapeutic services aid in depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, or other issues. Services provide support in improving relationships, social skills, stress management, and gaining insight. 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy helpful in treating distressing events, complex trauma, PTSD, and other concerns. EMDR relieves present day symptoms by changing the way in which traumatic experiences or memories are stored in our system.  EMDR has a "neutralizing" effect on stressful or highly reactive responses to present day issues. Freedom!